About Liberal Professions in Romania: Dysfunctions and Disturbances.



This paper presents the main aspects of the liberal professions in Romania from the legislative point of view. It is a comparative analysis based on European and Romanian legislation. Although there are 23 years of political, economical, social and cultural transition in Romania, this analysis demonstrates that there are many dysfunctions and disturbances in the legislation of liberal professions in Romania. There are some illustrative examples, especially from the public notaries profession.


Keywords: legislation, liberal professions, regulated professions, public notaries

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*** Constitution of Romania

*** Directive nr 2005/36/CE of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications.

*** Legea nr.77/2012 pentru modificarea Legii notarilor publici nr.36/1995.

www.unnpr.ro – Uniunea Notarilor Publici din Romania

www.institutulmotarial.ro – Institutul Notarial din Romania


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