Organizational Knowledge Conversion and Creation Processes in a Chaotic Environment

Andrei Ștefan NESTIAN


This is an explorative and conceptual paper, based on the analysis and comparison of relevant literature. the purpose of the article is to clarify the differences between knowledge creating processes and knowledge conversion processes, by analysing them when confronted with a chaotic environment. the way the knowledge conversion and creation processes are presented by Ikujiro Nonaka and his co-workers suggests the necessary existence of a Ba in order to generate the spiral of knowledge creation. this implies the acceptance of a relationship between the environment and the knowledge conversion process, in which the environment influences the knowledge creation. the article is based on the hypothesis that a chaotic environment, characterized by unpredictability, non-linearity and crisis, will lead to specific ways of functioning of the knowledge creation and conversion process that highlight the relations between the two different types of processes. Starting from the general concept of resilience, herein one proposes and explains the concept of resilience of the knowledge conversion system. the role of the attractors from the chaotic environment in the creation of new knowledge is identified and explained

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