The Triple Helix of the Organizational Knowledge

Contantin BRĂTIANU


The purpose of this paper is to present the inner triple helix dynamics of the organizational
knowledge. This is a new perspective of the classical view of tacit knowledge
– explicit knowledge dyad of the organizational knowledge promoted by Nonaka and his
co-workers. The new perspective is based on the metaphor that organizational knowledge is
a "eld rather than a stock, or stocks and flows. It is a complex metaphor using the thermodynamics
principles. The organizational knowledge is composed of three different "elds: cognitive
knowledge, emotional knowledge and spiritual knowledge. These "elds are nonuniform,
nonhomogeneous and they interact in a dynamic way. Cognitive "eld contains knowledge
about what is, emotional "eld contains knowledge about how we feel, and the spiritual "eld
contains knowledge about people’s aspirations and life values. This new perspective opens a
new opportunity in understanding the challenges for the 21st century management.

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