Knowledge Transfer in Romanian Higher Education


  • Mariana NICOLAE Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • Alexandra VITELAR College of Communication and Public Relations


The purpose of this paper is to explore the process of knowledge transfer in Romanian Higher Education Organizations by focusing on aspects of leadership. The current economic and social contexts are under a process of transformation. Educational institutions make no exception, as they must adapt to the changing demands of the market if they want to survive. Concepts such as education massification, competitive advantage of universities, quality assurance, university performance are widely discussed nowadays. All in all, universities are knowlege organizations that are one of the key drivers of innovation, development, leadership and research, as they create and transfer knowledge. An organization’s ability to communicate, share and innovate is critical in order to meet the challenges of the knowledge society. Starting from this general background, the present paper explores the characteristics and behaviors necessary for an ellective leadership in Higher Education Organizations through a series of interviews with leaders in the academia.

Author Biography

Alexandra VITELAR, College of Communication and Public Relations

National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania




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NICOLAE, M., & VITELAR, A. (2016). Knowledge Transfer in Romanian Higher Education. Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy, 1(1), 87–99. Retrieved from