World Atlas of Intellectual Capital: A Sketchy Version

Eduardo TOME


This paper presents the first draft of a future World Atlas on Intellectual Capital (IC). We believe IC is a global phenomenon and that analysing the distribution of IC in the world can help understanding much of the social and economic problems of today. The Atlas is made according to an economic point of view. Therefore we analyse IC through twelve relevant economic issues: demand, supply, equilibrium, price, quantity, market forces, role

of the State, investment, stock, need, international grows and returns. Those twelve economic perspectives are grouped in four classes: market, agents, assets and international grows. For a start we use twelve economic spaces: Northern Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Muslim World, Latin America and Mexico, the Anglo-Saxon countries, Russia, India, China, Japan and the Asian Tigers. We achieve the description of a very complex, but very valuable, socio-economic mosaic. We depict the difference between many of those areas in IC terms and as a result the difference in their socio and economic well-being. We hope to carry on the study in order to make a book on IC distribution in the world. Contributions are welcome.

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