The Impact of the Mobile Money on People’s Use of Financial Services in Sub-Sahara Africa


  • Bydon Austin NYIMBIRI Renmin University of China


This paper details the impact of mobile money financial technology on financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. The research methodology used was descriptive research design with the use of secondary information sources to collect panel data. The research model had Financial Technology as the independent variable and the dependent variable was Financial Inclusion. The analysis of data was done using Stata 15. From the interpretation of the findings using the panel data on the 14 selected Sub-Saharan countries, it was found that the increase in the number of registered mobile money agents per 100,000 adults led to an increase in the total number of people using the financial services per 100,000 adults in Sub-Sahara Africa. Furthermore, the relationship between the registered mobile money agents per 100,000 adults and the total number of people using financial services was proven to be significant at a 5% level of significance.


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