Economic and Risk Analyses for SMEs Internationalization Projects. A Preliminary Insight on the Rationale of Business Consulting Firms

Elena - Madalina VĂTĂMĂNESCU, Vlad - Andrei ALEXANDRU


The present study is meant to be a first step towards the investigation of two current issues: the organization’s demand for highly professional services and the business consulting firms’ response as a challenge for the ethic imperatives. The main question raised is whether the national business consulting firms are liable to provide the economic and risk analyses required by the ambitious internationalization projects of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and if not, what should be the firms’ ethical approach. In this respect, preliminary conclusions were made after testing the deliverables of several business consulting firms which were contracted to elaborate intricate economic and risk analyses of an internationalization project developed by a medium enterprise. The proven level of expertise of the contracted firms did not confirm their claims and assurances that they were fit for the job. This is why the rationale of today’s business consulting firms should be taken into account for further consideration while the exigency for increased savvy should become a priority.

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